Interview: The impact of digital technology on society

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I think what’s happening now is the
expectations around life are changing
because of digital technology it’s been
so fast that younger people in
particular expect a “no latency life” so
the idea that they want it right now
if one of the car services is too slow
they’re going to call the other one you
know if a film takes too long to
download they’re going to go on to
something else. So this idea of a no latency life becomes an expectation around
digital culture and society so if
there’s an outage or you know someone’s
hacked and they can’t access a website –
this happened in Los Angeles by the way –
Facebook went down one day a
couple years ago… It was dark, and so many
people called 9-1-1 to report an
emergency that the sheriff actually took
to Twitter to say Facebook is not our
responsibility we don’t know when it’s
coming back up and it’s not a police
emergency. People called the emergency number to report Facebook going down -that’s how important it is to them. It’s almost shocking if you think about.

The Untethered Generation

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As the first generation to grow up with an Internet, and since the advent of the Internet- enabled smartphone in 2007, Millennials have grown accustomed to and indeed are beginning to expect life to be mobile and untethered, with 24/7 instant access to friends, family, work, media and information. For these “digital natives,” behaviors, expectations, […]